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Five Minutes on a Storm 2

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I spent a few minutes on a Storm 2 at a Verizon store yesterday (Friday, after the big Droid launch) and it seemed quite nice.  A pity the timing on the whole Verizon/Droid, but I’ll be interested to see how the market reacts – the Verizon store didn’t have much traffic.

Added – I went back on Saturday and about the same level of traffic.  The BOS 5.0 browser feels significantly better than on my 4.x Tour.  Nowhere as fast as the iPhone’s one.

The Storm2 UI seemed reasonable overall.  It changed from portrait to landscape quite fast, and flick-scrolling was good.  The one thing I really don’t like is the resistive typing. I really appreciate longer-stroke keyboards like the Thinkpads over the new brand of short-stroke keyboards  (that’s the main reason I’ve not bought one of the new Apple compact keyboards) but it seems to me thumbing and finger-keyboarding are different.  And virtual keyboards are different to physical ones. It may be that it is an issue of fine-tuning the amount of resistance.  Or it may be intrinsic

Since the storm uses a  capacitive screen not a resistive screen (how stuff works) and the haptic feedback comes from a  separate piece, it would be interesting if one could turn these off and see how it feels.

Plenty of other reviews along these lines, see for example Andrew Nusca @ ZDNet.  Since I don’t have the memories of the first Storm, I’m more positive than Larry Digman: It’s not enough to erase the memories of the first.

I try the (BOS5) browser the next time I’m at a store. (done)


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November 7, 2009 at 9:21 am

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