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Push Matters… Do People Know?

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Consumers, industry bandits, press (analysts too?) don’t seem to get the value of push… Here are some ideas to help  people “get push”.  Some ideas:

  • A packet counter App that shows what each App in my BB was responsible for?? So I can tell, for example, that my twitter App is using up my battery?
  • A way to see if a given App was push enabled?
  • A counter for push packages in an App?
  • Simple explanations of push architectures for Gizmodo / Engadget / Boy Genius Report
  • An assessment of the bandwidth saved in realistic scenarios by using push.  Maybe at the carrier level?  (See the ZFS dedup numbers running around this last week).

Deployed Push is one of the key competitive advantages that RIM has.  It needs to jump on it now… the alternative is to wait for Apple to deploy push and then convince everybody that they need it… But that won’t help RIM.

A different point is how to help software vendors write push apps, both on the client and the server side.  I think there are several options there too…


Written by pelegri

November 3, 2009 at 8:59 am

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