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BB Killer Apps – Focus on HTTP NOT the browser!

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The browsers changed our lifes – from Mosaic to Netscape to Explorer to Firefox and Safari. But the real change was, and is, HTTP. For a while it was easy to confuse the two, but that is clear now – the bulk of the growth is NOT really about the browser!

Sure, a good browser is a must, but consider these key applications:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Alerts/News
  • ITunes

All of these are easily accessed through a browser on the desktop/ laptop but they do not rely on a browser. See for instance all the variations on the layout that FB has been attempting. Or all the different tweeter clients.

Browser integration is critical on the laptop because people live inside it (for multiple reasons, including, I believe, the size of the screen and the multi-tasking approach!). But thr flow of activity is different in the mobile: one needs to switch focus anyhow to go to a new task.  And, if you are going to switch, you can easily move from the browser to something else.  A browser is a good lowest common denominator access but it is NOT the most effective mechanism.

Case in point: I’m creating the draft for this blog on my BB using the WordPress BB App; but I use a browser on the laptop (confession- the WordPress app on my BB did not let tune-up a couple of things, so I am now doing a pass at my laptop before publishing the entry).

Back to killer Apps. Facebook, Blogs, Tweeter are all http-based, all keyboard-intensive and can make-do with a narrow window. Add fast delivery of information. And day-long use. And you get that push on a BB is a good fit.  Focus on facilitating these types of applications – for example, news, but not through the browser (see What is the Role for BB’s Web Signals?)

YouTubes (and Maps) are a bit harder. For those you need a larger screen. The storm2 had the right size but the market is still deciding on that SureType thingy.


Written by pelegri

November 1, 2009 at 10:22 am

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