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BB AppWorld and iPhone App Store

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Just started spending a bit more time on the BB AppWorld.

At first approximation, the AppWorld is like the iPhone App Store.  And, from that perspective, I’d very much like to be able to use it to find out what I have on my BB.  It is quite confusing / distracting / cumbersome that the AppWorld tells me that I’ve archived Slacker 2.0.2, when I have installed Slacker 2.0.49.

It is very nice that RIM/BB does not force me to use the RIM AppWorld, but the AppWorld client should show me everything that’s in my device, not just what I installed via the RIM store.  The beauty of the BB infrastructure is that it knows that… but I don’t want to go to Options->Advanced->Applications and do a visual diff/aggregate.

And, while fixing that, I’d like to know what version of the AppWorld client I’m running from the application.  Pretty please!

Keep the good work…


Written by pelegri

October 31, 2009 at 10:57 am

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  1. Tried to post this comment to [1] but it fails; will try again later…


    Hi there.

    Just starting to get up to speed on the BB but I have some experience with the iPhone AppStore and a few other Update-Center mechanisms.

    At first approximation the AppWorld plays the same role as the iTunes App Store. I like that RIM does not force me to download via the AW but I’d like to have a single place to track/manage all the applications I have installed in my device, regardless of dl/installation route and the AW seems the natural place for that. For example, AW says my slacker is 2.0.2, archived, but it really is 2.0.52, very much installed and used – and, IIRC, 2.052 was a within-app upgrade from the original AW app.

    I understand that a solution like this requires some cooperation from the vendor but, it seems something that vendors that are contributing to the AW would be weilling to do. And the market dynamics seems doable to me.

    I see that the iPhone AppStore controlling approach generates more revenue for Apple, but, given the competitive situation, this type of mixed-approach seems to benefit RIM. Unless I’m missing something (technical/ pragamatical/ business-wise).

    Any plans to support that model? It would make a significant improvement over the current AW situation, and that of the iPhone AppStore.

    – eduard/o


    October 31, 2009 at 12:37 pm

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