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Fixing the Facebook App

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The Facebook app for my tour was a disappointment. Facebook seems a natural match for the Blackberries: the content is fairly well structured and can fit well within the small screen of the BBs. The keyboard makes for quick input and push should provide fast delivery of friends notifications without battery drain

But the UI for the BB was substantially inferior to that of the iPhone and the notification delivery was not very good

I think RIM needs a few Apps that are better on the BB than in any other phone and FB can be the one

I’d open source the FB App – at the least the client but ideally the server side too. Then welcome bug fixes and be very transparent about the whole development, and, when people want to contribute changes be receptive. And make this App the prototype for other high quality Apps on the BB.

And make it ASL; at this srtage of the Adoption game you want people to borrow this code to make as many other high quality Apps as possible


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October 24, 2009 at 11:39 am

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