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Facebook Clients – BB Tour or iPod Touch

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Running entry – will update as I discover issues / learn new things

Strong Disclaimer: I’m not a regular user of FaceBook, but I’ll try to use the two a bit to get a reasonable feeling about how they work


The new RIM home page for the Tour is an improvement, but I can’t figure out from there basic things (like the push behavior).

Note that the BlackBerry page at Facebook still likes 1.6 as the latest version, not 1.7.

Facebook pages/sites/comments

The Facebook page for the BB app claims 10M users and 291K.  16 of my friends use it.  Rating is 3.2/5 on +1800 reviews, but the latest reviews are much better.  Note same complaints about not getting notified of latest version (see below).  I also had the same issue as reported there on battery consumption.  And ditto about not getting notifications (may be a problem with overloads/deployments, we will see)

The Facebook page for the iPhone app claims 15M users (and 532K fans). 44 of my friends use it. Rating is 3.8/5 on 3940 reviews.  All recent reviews are 5.

Random numbers: iPhone-3G has 662K fans; iPhone has 375K fans; iPhone, 3G has 241K fans.  iPod Touch has 243K fans.


I like the iPhone better.  Easier to see what’s there, easier to select.  Easier to do a better job because there is more real-estate to play with, and it is natural to just click on the screen rather than having to move around with the trackball, but things like the font-size are better on the iPhone and there is not a good reason for that.

Note, I have an old G1 8GB iPod Touch (MA623LL), running 3.1.2 (7D11).  I’m going to try it also on my kid’s G2 iPod Touch.

My son is a regular and heavy FaceBook user. I showed him the BB interface and he was confused; it didn’t match his mental model of what the home page was, etc.  I’m going to do the same experiment tomorrow with the iPhone client.

Physical Screen

ipod Screen size – 320 × 480 px, 3.5 in (89 mm), 2:3 aspect ratio, 262,144-color LCD at 163 pixels per inch (ppi)

Tour Screen size – 480 x 360 px, Half VGA+, 2.6 in (diagonal), roughly 2:3, 65K-color LCD. ?? ppi (~210 ppi?)

Push Events

I was expecting the BB to get events pushed automatically.  Maybe it is a user configuration? Maybe I didn’t generate the right notification (I changed my status).

Actually the BB didn’t notice the change as fast as the iPod did.


iPod has it, BB does not. See no chat.

Others – iTunes AppStore vs BB AppStore

My BB came with the FaceBook app installed and it automatically upgraded it, but note that several folks are complaining that they have registered for notifications of upgrades and instead have to get the info from CrackBerry.  The lack of coordination across the different release mechanisms is an issue and leads to unsatisfaction w/ customers.  See FaceBook 1.7 announcement @CB, complains 1, 2,

The iPhone/iPod guys have a much better story on this.

I am sorry to say that!  I’m am usually against Apple’s policy of forcing me to go through their AppStore for upgrades, but, in this aspect, there is a benefit.  A solution may be to insist to BB partners to release first to the BB AppStore, then to their sites – and do a better job with the leaks – they are not helping.


Written by pelegri

October 17, 2009 at 10:43 pm

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  2. […] Facebook 1.7 for BB (CB)  Also see My Comparison Post with iPhone Client. […]

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