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How to explain BBerries to a non-BB user?

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As a BB newbie, I’m interested in both the value proposition of the BBs and how people discover that value.  And, from my personal experience and what I see in posts, getting that value across is a challenge.

Check out the comments at these two posts at Engadget: RIM posts new BlackBerry widget APIs, dev kit and BlackBerry Messenger 5 now available, we go hands-on

There is a clear value when the user is inside a community of users that are all using BBs; an extreme case is in a corporate account, where the BB-bubble includes the intranet, but if that is not the case – like me right now, where neither my company nor my family are using BBerries – the value is much less clear.  And, if you want to grow virally, you need the benefits to be evident to non-users.

Perhaps one area to focus is family dynamics.  A family could be a good wedge point into the market.  Take my case, there are 4 of us; one in college away from home, one in HS with two adults.  We talk, mostly SMS for the son/daugher, to each other all the time and I’d be willing to spend some $$s to get more of us on a BBerry, but plans like the buy-1, get 1 free didn’t help me as all the people in my family have a phone already and their upgrade dates are all different.

Me-thinks breaking through this viral dynamics is the main (not the only one, but the main) challenge to the BBerries right now…


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October 10, 2009 at 3:51 pm

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