Notes from a BlackBerry Newby

Capturing the Journey into the World of the BlackBerry

What’s BlackBerryFish?

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Why this blog?

I’m a new BlackBerry and SmartPhone user. Our family has owned many Macs and several iPods; I had an old Palm V that I loved until its buttons died.  I find the whole smarphone market very intriguing; some of my friends used to use BB but most people around me are now using iPhone (I’m in Silicon Valley), and I’m finding that the information on how to best use the BB is spread over many places and not very accessible.  In my work day I’m heavily involved in the AppServer market (see TheAquarium for example), so, as I started ramping up my experiences with my BBerry (a Verizon Tour, btw), I decided to document the experience.

This blog also helps me become more familiar with WordPress, as most of my previous experience has been with Roller.  In particular, I’ve yet to spend any time on fine-tuning the template.

Let’s see how the blog style and content evolves.  At this point, I have  no particular reader market target, except me!


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October 4, 2009 at 6:56 pm

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