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Google Trends – BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm, Android?

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One of the tools I use to track adoption of GlassFish at TheAquarium is google trends.  Unlike sites like Google Fight that look at the number of pages found, google trends tracks searches for terms, and those change much faster and are a reasonable approximation to adoption trends.

Below are a few commented graphs related to the mobile space. In each case I show the current graph (click on the thumbview for the larger image), a live link to the actual query, and some comments on the current situation.  Note that Google trends lags by some time, so you are seeing the past here.

iPhone, BlackBerry, Apple, iPod

BBerry-iPhone-Apple-iPod-World-02Oct2009This is a comparison between iPhone, BlackBerry, Apple and iPod (Live Link, Larger Image).  I find it remarkable than iPhone is so much more searched than Apple.  iPod did a big jump and then stayed at that level.  The overall growth rate for iPhone and BB is roughly the same, but the iPhone benefits from those big spikes about twice a year, when Apple does its events; they do a very good job there.

iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, Android

A comparison between BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm and Android approximates the (consumer?) adoption status for the main devices. See below for Windows Mobile.

BBerry-iPhone-Palm-Android-World-02Oct2009 First the Worldwide Trends (Live Link, Large Image).  BlackBerry is growing nicely, but iPhone is growing a bit faster.  The buzz factor with iPhone is clearly a factor, check those spikes; there is nothing like that for BB.  Palm was going down, it stabilized for a bit but now it seems to be going down again – but Google trends lags by some time, so you are seeing the past here.  Android going up, hard to tell how it will move at this point yet.

BBerry-iPhone-Palm-Android-Canada-02Oct2009 Now Canada (Live Link, Larger image). No surprises here, Canada is RIM‘s home turf and they have nice relationships with the local carriers like Rogers.  A bit more interesting is that the iPhone is pretty flat in there.

USA Google Trend for BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm and Android The USA is next (Live Link, Larger image).  BB is growing slower than world-wide; actually the last few weeks is going slighly down, but don’t read too much on those short periods.  The iPhone is growing very fast.  Palm is pretty high (compared to other markets) but going down (but check out Florida).

Florida Google Trend for BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm and Android This is Florida (Live Link, Larger image). It is a good example of the problem in using Google Trends for terms that are not unique, like “Palms”… :-). Palms are more likely to be searched for in Florida, but they will show elsewhere too, so, in general, you need to mentally deduct an unknown chunk from the Palm graph in all the images. Unfortunately, not only it is hard to estimate the size of that, but it will have seasonal variations, so the shape of the graph will change too.

Japan Google Trend for BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm and Android Finally Japan (Live Link, Larger Image). Japan is a big iPhone market and BB is not growing well so far; even Android is growing faster there.  I’m not sure why, but I just noticed that RIM ran an Ad during the recent F1 price at Japan.

Windows Mobile, iPhone and Windows

WindowsMobile-iPhone-Windows-02Oct2009Now, back to the Windows Mobile, here is a comparison of Windows Mobile, iPhone, and Windows (Live Link, Larger Image).   As you can see, the search for Windows Mobile is tiny, while that for Windows is pretty large and dominates the searches.

Other Adoption Links

Google Trends is just one of many tools for tracking adoption.  Since I just bumped into two related tools, I’ll point to them.

AdMobMetrics-Aug2009First a report on device data for Mobile devices from AdMobile Data.The report (PDF Report) shows that the big share of that market goes to iPhone (40%), Symbian (34%) and then there is a big drop to the BB (8%) and Android (7%). Android has grown fast recently, so has iPhone while Symbian goes down.  BB is down a bit, Palm is down a lot.  One key thing to remember here is that this is Advertisement data so it is driven by browsing activity and by type of usage (consumer vs enterprise); in that context, the data seems quite reasonable.

CFI-SmartPhoneStudy-2009-smallFinally, via BerryReview, one of the most interesting survey I’ve read in quite a while (see original report; it requires registration).  There are a few questions that I wish they had asked – for example WiFi/broadband use and keyboard/touch screen – and I don’t see why they separate the Palm Pre from the Palm Treo but don’t separate explicitly between the older and newer BBs, but, overall, it is very good and worth reading.  It covers satisfaction data on the devices (iPhone is top) and the carriers (Verizon), as well as data on type of usage per type of device (e.g. Web Browsing on the iPhone).  It includes satisfaction data and where different users would  like to be, both on devices and carriers (again, iPhone and Verizon are top).


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October 4, 2009 at 6:44 pm

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